ur ass

ur ass

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Black Thread

Black thread of the death spiral of Urban Outfitters
brought mainstream farming to masturbate back to an avatar
with my dick is wry, veering into GIF, and pang extra prismatic.
Gut boiling puzzling so swingers’ prey
of a fossil looks at a dragon’s flies, wild as an elusive cloud tail –
An unborn body builder & ways you can get worse.
The wizard’s process on a limp biscuit
for a butt happy, beauty betrays mashed glans cornflake 
in Increased podcast will live due to one Devil.
There’s magic by the time the equator is realistic,
electrically screaming, & teenager
love runoff 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Curiously Cartoonish Poop

The scare in my head stuck in the gloss of my ass, accelerating in dog years, at a picnic. Big up to the skittles trapped in the dark judder of a makeshift slasher flushed clicking on the other side of my face. Curiously alarming popcorn crescendo of Jungian crystals in cartoonish plumage and to have to poop, to have to have to poop into theme park teacups or butcher square pants unspoken at the mouth of the foam machine and the fudge Spongebob craves with blazing wallet chain stuck invertebrate in a cosmic prison.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Black Mirror

It's supposed to be terrifying, the darkness. For you it's everything. More than that. 
Brushing one's teeth with the lights out, then looking up - into the black mirror. 
Would be cool. Maybe. Not now. One's physical body travels during the day. 
I'm waiting for it. Space is too kitsch. Like a little forest on magical strings. When bae switches on the TV - the central element is the screen, which bae projects onto, 
a very tall donut, electromagnetically 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ant Man While Darkly Pooping

The Breath and the Teeth, Star Trek changed cluster to the human torrent,
the berserk spider talking to myself helped cloak, a nest of ceiling fan gap voice
in werewolf hate oils, disappeared inside the door. The mad as hell dinosaur killer
of 1984, his car’s muscles. Ant-Man’s weed piss puppy tracts
on hearty mountings. The meaningless, smoothly varying flavors
tiny symbols detached from fortune cookie physics helped fashion dark brown.
The mess of a dead neighbor on Andromeda’s dust island. End Times condensation,
Terminator burial Walkman and guitar bites rote Lucifer
in glass heels text bats. Video game ass footage – parrots tarot –  
farty kettle snot museum Prius thick on the couch, serial anime
via the push of inner child sweater borderline dangerous in a symphony
of thin whistles pools the dipshit nebula via Hitler’s dark wet bottom. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Vampire

The darkness is incredibly thick, like the vampire's beard,
like an animal doctor's beard. The shadow of blood cast
by the dead animals has turned black and crusty on the walls
and floor, but on the steel tables it looks red as the darkest,
shiniest red against a metal background. Suburban pets, mostly -
some used to be common; some, like the lizard, had been exotic.
The hideous, meaningless incisions that have been made in cat,
dog, rabbit, snake, bird. The vampire, who does not drink
animal blood, and refused any in this case as well, had been
a respectable veterinarian.

Pale Dead Love

I am walking across a dark dead landscape.
The trees are spindly and the sky is black.
I am carrying a dark hole in my stomach.
Black ooze oozes forth from it like bile.
My hair is frozen like a sword's blade in the icy wind.
Black is black. Even white is a black, wet, pink,
plucked swan whose feet are sunk in sticky tar.
Love is pale belly lint stuck to a charred heart.