ur ass

ur ass

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

blood-soaked magnets curry solids
heat noodle memories watering can
negativity crocodile like small pig slits
giant drama plastics sound of urinal bodies
the buried surveillance that microwaves poop
the uncanny video game party taxidermy
fake recall of a white broken adult hidden in a poster
nefarious dinosaur acoustics stuff nightmares
bloodborne babies patched by inhuman asterisk
cry of mating bird giftshop parts tableau fork
glass shells mimic a wide skeleton base
the beta egg butcher care-filter set to stone woods  
on the monitor sunshine log squeeze-through
jinx-abuses backwards off of gender clones 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

embers he can’t be beefed
an anime reversal of calculus
assumes the happier apocalypse
sensitive to existential flows
blackened horizontal neckline
cold diminished dots disperse
concrete layered mechanisms
burn alive floral locks flattening
at waistline dark beads tree god
of the biological structure
puffed up chemical automated
ruffles a carved lens circus
in little black dress pumps
wild propeller underneath three
dimensions that crank leggings
of a maimed city enjoying wizards
in straps sift her mystical caveman 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

angry bummed out caged in dread yolk
detest the cut-off despairing and coerce
exhausted fragile gloomy apparition zigzag
harassed ill objectified jaded hurt gross
kept out laughed at so mad the numb molested
passive horror pushed away insane
I’m a queer ghoul rage raped fog rotten fangs
sad to self-destructive a gravestone shy
the suicidal damaged eyeballs
afraid sadistic of a macabre yellow quiet
beast petrify the weak winged yawning
of a cackle jumpsuit owl is unusual warped
in some cadaver night thorny and the unhappy unnatural
hairraising the crypt gruesome along howls imp
unearthly dead darkness dark tomb
darkness spirit tarantula has a wig wicked scary
eerie moonlight pitchfork that of a revolting mummy 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

An unsettling embrace conjures putrid thoughts cold on a lonely electric chair unbearably sleeping exposed leash asshole guise of mouth duck fucking throes of Brothers Grimm chamber fairy porn echo death in a row relive monsters grappling mists demon velvety gray suffused with painful fingers laser piss swath of memories peach thighs scraped up the NIGHTMARE HILL FETUS clothing store peel self-worth mermaid luminescence purge curious anatomy torn shitting in crying sensitive alone joke scum filter X Factor photographs assault Fear Factor blowjobs 

TIME - RC Miller

Sunday, March 1, 2015

source gangster flapping strange lap quench
thinks with penis water strokes Laundromat
yoga pants shadow fucking vibrational sharp
level squid sci-fi blind cameras spinning private
popped up L dopa seductive weird screwing
manipulate skull magnet swollen vampire serial
anal tooth spectrum disappearing coma rise
spookiness of worse ash boner seeds of worst friend
glaring sex death ├ęclair machinations surrenders
humility banana television shine care defied basement
sacrifice strengthened blow consummated stranded
annihilation stupor flapping shadow L ├ęclair death