ur ass

ur ass

Friday, February 27, 2015

in my eyes, stop a bad spaceship pornographically
cruel beyond roughly melodramatic, the endless spine
you’d think of angelic resistance, and being like bats
assaulted, twisted ghosts doing a man’s delusional thinking
taken friendly, the rapped flour would be this hot aspect of
his fungal brownie, stumbling across Lazarus disgustingly
slamming the CGI of fire, the contrasts trace aneurysms as
one big ol’ wizard’s material world of depressive quantum mechanics
retro- switching meaningless humanoids and grave
characterized as extant penis vibe, as well as tears like feces
in my eyes, which grab the universe’s alien junk, vagina Faust
indulges in wonderful networks of anti- girl hell, well, yes
and no, non-arterial, afraid of identical bruises, symmetrical
vivisection cranking the goblin arteries of goat antlers noodling

Monday, February 23, 2015

cop silk eye infinity mystique vary suicide organ behaving and forgive
stupid pedopile revolving bad numbers around murder 
evocative creep segue dick of homophobe stabs a phantom nipple
snaking numbers modified cone pissing into a dictionary
cancels out a wife popping nicer airwaves domino
plug developed numbers by shame rage bad breath doom disco chupacabra
and toxic inferior scrotal reality as a septic dark space
pulp numbers leak immaculate overload empty ripping empathy species piling 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

giant squid asshole 
hellfire ripple in a clown’s
dreadlock up his ass corpse-
lumped pyramid root -crazed 
goatee smell laugh upper 
-lip bananas vomit= inundated
one size fits all sex offender
breaking down eats 
more–after dark.e.g
-we all deserve to die
imparts a droll vaccine 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

He tastes like chicken coup thermal stump of his KKK in my romance ball. A silly fossil burns in the desert. Firefox should fuck Buzzfeed up. That’s what’s up with the glitch Big Bird is going to quash: barbed code produces humans online. An inflatable bowling alley breaks ringtone-inconsistency along a sauce's lifeline, just as average scrap lingers. A skunk waits forever for candy. The hopping pork bits of exorcism enlargement pee into a decapitated (very mini) pocket Dumbo. Don’t want to be let go. Meaning, go. So kebab ant sped through a dwarf planet up grandma’s ponytail with super stripper acid, Christ bucket puppy detail retracting warm as a sunset. Large man figurine mumbling schizoid in the dark current, hanging itself on a meat grinder. Said I didn’t have a deep throat (yourself). 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sorting Adidas from false memory, a sore rangy mummy imagining mud big-cocked and smilingly, gored a jiggling bible. Doom eats traffic of its empty hippo, GMO & explosive pillow noise through my View Master reproducing an interactive cloud, making, like a stupid toilet, as if to FLUSH Mr. Bungle!! I know The creepy Simpsons’s chickens practically verge on fecal Transformer – but also as dark crypto Barbie mines a digital basketball. And, hell yeah, still alive, helpless, he ejaculates pizza, the video game rejected a falling, devil-blistering helix of malware photobombing like a poltergeist, and the app sickeningly melts, shit assholes, etc., spa headaches of bloody elephant sponge often crackle in the golden skull oil. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Galaxies jacking off a floating pavement shape
a vice, the dark organic glimmer makes happen
a castle licked by the uncanny valley rapper
Thom Yorke on a leaf, a wasp in apocalyptic
army surplus snaps in half, a reduced tentacle of
pinball dick and balls on the axis of the hose’s
new feelings, diarrhea beige smoking shrug
Sweaters launch their browser flush
Search containment for a broken chainsaw
Insect-encapsulated neurons cripple skin dancing
anywhere in the brain, conveniently Lego vanilla
rolled out into caves, a 3D printer’s two-faced pastiche
of fire deluge and hard magic specter, single parent
slammed into BFF   

Monday, February 9, 2015

infotainment succubus tree stump bomb 
toilet data auxiliary shadow patch of absurd memories of gross robot
Kickass beer pressure hurts reflective Earth’s shedding pajamas golden frat
levitate hidden wet sock smell how to die
hearing is the pulsations’ egg evolving malarkey 
rabbits’ skeletons’ online necropolis antimatter 
body erection jerky eBay scented candles coffin
poison anime hooker shampoo with niche fluoride
cosmonaut formaldehyde intercourse
white noise Nutella fenced-in book tentacle .gif beats

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I dismember my immutable bong
Upon the pregnant sauce of Tesla.
Ass Oreos refract helmet sounds mewling
An awkward joke about anal cosmetic
Nike shoes, psychedelic blood-shades
of hybrid disability corvette
Fudging Fifty buttons of Gray
fuck-Dimension Europa.
Ass Princess Peach disembodies a wacky god
in macabre combinations of bacon.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

sandwich distortion lapse of puking metal carve pot plant
in mundane contrast to magma on he visor
Cyclops be vending blue ass fears EVAPORATING
owl hair of the fake elevator and plus Titanic’s utensils
crocheted permutation at the dead of a holy cow
though séance and what lung be wringing he luck dragon autism
between horde tensions first-aid circle doom in the comfort
of a tug of war, actually, smells beach balls, the equivalent
of Jaws aliens espoused phishing polite mermaid’s clitoris
SD card kitsch latching he robot coco gift-wrapped
Donald Duck molesting revolving necrotizing cover band