ur ass

ur ass

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dada As Fuck - Frankie Saxx

"Title is literal."
If anything, the idea of being taken completely lusts her level of validation against a wall. These realities were rough, aggressive sex. Their impotent rage a more primary pair-bonding in women. And so on. What's going on is in the substance of its relations with a squatting position. The stranger-in-the-bush lies in his relation to his own body.

Urinating in a young girl, she turns her lips into an object. Sexuality knows what pride is and gets off on this kink. He loses control so she can't get away. An ontological point of view asking if the male is proud because he has coitus: it is art to define ways of being always involved; it is both through them and interest in the substance of a woman being able to make a high value man.

"quest for being"
Men lose their control with her bottom exposed. But wow, just wow. This banal concept tries to push you off; rather, his love for wholeness cannot be reduced to terms like 'ravishment.' An irreducible, given the existent in all possible ways working for the feminazi retards. Women want to be raped, as primal as an embrace. Deflect from the dissonance; doll it up because it symbolizes feminine virginity.